New machining center MAS MCV 1270

MAS MCV 1270

Straight-line miller

Manufacturing technologies

  • Precision, forming and connection technologies using steel and aluminium
    - Deep-drawing, stamping, bending
    - Automated MIG, MAG, laser and resistance welding, MIG soldering
    - Structural bonding, soldering, sealing
    - Joining technology integrated into forming tools
  • Automated assembly, testing and surface technology

Connection technology

PWO has built up considerable expertise in the welding, soldering and riveting  technology that is used to process individual parts into sub-assemblies or into components that are ready for installation.  


Forming technology

Our versatile and high-performance range of machines includes over forty multiple-die, drawing and fine-stamping presses and automatic stamping/punching machines operating at between 800 kN and 12,500 kN.


Preventive maintenance and ongoing modernisation of equipment are essential to ensure that production is carried out in an efficient manner that meets modern quality standards.


Together with university departments and our partners in the machine construction industry, we constantly strive to perfect our forming processes.


Assembly technology

The process of assembling components can be very demanding and requires carefully thought-out solutions. Drawing on years of experience in assembly technology, PWO designs its own systems and develops them in collaboration with partners in the plant and machine engineering industry. The main focus here is on achieving a balance between automation and flexibility.

Surface technology

We work closely with several highly qualified partners in the area of surface finishing. Our latest machine is dedicated to degreasing and barrel finishing.

Testing technology

In addition to a range of measuring and instrumentation systems, we employ our own optoelectronic procedures to test the quality and performance of our manufacturing processes. Video cameras equipped with comprehensive analytical software have replaced the 100% visible checks carried out by the human eye.