New machining center MAS MCV 1270

MAS MCV 1270

Mechnical press Fagor 1250t

Total force 12,500 kN.  Bolster area 6100x1800 mm.

Servopress SCHULER 1250 t

Servopress designed for transfer dies.

Maximum force 12500 kN

Table lenght 6 m.

Schuler 500 t

Mechanical press designed for progressive dies. Maximum force 5000 kN, number of strokes 20-70 per minute, wattage 90 KW.

Müller Weingarten 1250 t

Maximum force 12500 kN

Schuler 400 t

Nominal forming force 400 tons

dimensions of working surface 1600x1300 mm

Endelhoff 80 t

Schuler 630 t

Upon their assembly, the dies are ready to be tested. The press dies with the maximal pressing force 630 tons are tested in PWO Czech Republic a.s., on the 630 t try-out press SCHULER. The testing and sampling of the dies with the maximal pressing force 1 250 tons are ensured in our press shop on the 1 250 t serial presses.


Die spotting press REIS ROBOTICS TUS 160

Working area: 1000x1300x1100 mm; 200 tonnes